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We’ve never believed in “one size fits all”.

So many of the trainings and resources out there for instructors are generic, designed to fit pretty much any business, regardless of the field, the type of instruction, or even what stage of business you’re in.


It’s your chance to share the thing you love doing the most, it’s the key to a life you love, and it’s deeply, intensely personal. That’s why we have a broad range of services and ways to work with us here at The Instructor Hub, so you can get exactly what you need, in a way that works with your schedule, budget, and learning preferences.

Whether you’re just starting out and want someone to guide you every step of the way, you’re really experienced and just need a bit of a top up in one topic, or you’re somewhere in the middle, we’ve got something for you.

Flourish Membership

A monthly subscription that provides you with monthly packs of custom created social media posts and content especially designed to attract, engage and retain customers, to elevate your social media presence and your position as a leader in your field … saving you precious time so that you can get your life back.

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Perfect for you if you’ve been doing this a while, but need to brush up your skills in one particular area, or you just want to learn some new techniques to  give your business a boost. We’ve got courses covering everything from basic branding and sales to more niche topics like mantras and class photography — and we’re constantly covering new topics — so have a browse, choose an assortment, and dive in!

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Let me guess. You’re feeling stuck, and a little scared. You’re brimming with plans and your dreams are as big as your heart, but you don’t have the first idea where to begin. You’re in limbo and wondering whether you’re ever going to move forward with your business.

Don’t worry. It’s totally normal to feel that way. Remember, you became an instructor because you love making a difference to people’s health and fitness, not because you adore the admin side of running a successful business. 

But you know you’re capable of building and deserve a business that supports your dream life, not one that’s constantly draining all your resources. 

You’ve got this.

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There’s no substitute for an experienced mentor — if you’re looking to launch your business, revamp a not-so-profitable business, or just want the accountability of someone who truly gets what you’re doing, this is the option for you.

You’ll get exclusive one to one coaching with me, in which I’ll audit your existing business, help you set goals that are really aligned with your beliefs, and create a clear action plan to make those goals a reality. This is the most intensive, personal way you can work with me — all coaching is totally customised to work with you and your business, from our monthly coaching calls to the curated online resources I’ll choose for you.

So if you’re ready to launch the business of your dreams (minus the stress and hassle) or totally transform your existing business into a smooth-running, highly profitable practice, I’m here for you.

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"I want to thank you for helping to kick my butt and getting me out there promoting my classes. This week I offered a free taster session and had 8 newbies turn up! I got all my ladies to check in on Facebook on arrival which in turn lead to 20 new views on my Facebook page. I’m determined now"

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