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Building Your Community : The Power Of A Newsletter


When someone says the word newsletter, the old-fashioned, on paper newsletter probably comes to mind. The kind your local parish council used to send out with the ‘news’, like whose cat had got stuck up a tree. Many of us think the newsletter is a bit out of date, but what you might not have realised is that the virtual newsletter actually continues to be a wonderful way of building and maintaining an active and engaged community around your business. These days, the physical newsletter is an increasingly rare beast. A virtual newsletter is normally sent out to a business’ complete email list. Rather than being in a normal email format, with text and attachments, it’s normally divided up into different sections.

The Look

It’s important that your newsletter fits in well with your carefully crafted brand. Your logo should be in pride of place, and the colours that feature on your website should be reflected in your newsletter so no one is in any doubt about who it’s come from. All photos included need to be of good quality, well-edited and attention-grabbing. It can be easy to be tempted to not spend too much time on the photo side of things, but if your images are poor quality then that will reflect poorly on you, so make sure you dedicate some time to making sure the visuals are the best they can possibly be.

Why You Need One

Sharing content on Facebook is all well and good, and should be done regularly, but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t also be emailing out a fortnightly or monthly newsletter. There’s a reason that local communities often send out traditional newsletters and the same is true for the digital. That’s because the newsletter is a great way of keeping that community together, as you can share information that everyone involved will see, and personalise said information to your recipients. A great way of making it extra personal is by mentioning your clients by name, perhaps coming up with a ‘client of the month’ type feature in which you highlight the achievements of your loyal clients. A personal touch is what will make your customers feel like their part of a strong community, and humans naturally crave community. A newsletter also means that people don’t necessarily have to be constantly checking your social media channels in the fear that they might miss out on important announcements. Sure, you want your clients to be following you on social media, but realistically everyone is busy and people will miss things, so a newsletter ensures that everyone has the chance to see all the information they need to see in one place. What with our hectic lifestyles, that’s a godsend in anyone’s book.

What to Include

  • An extract from and link to your latest blog post or posts
  • Pictures from classes
  • Information about upcoming events
  • Testimonials from clients
  • Member of the week. Feature one of your ‘front row customers’.
  • Interesting news related to the genre of classes you teach

Those are all wonderful things to include, but it shouldn’t necessarily stop there! This is your chance to use your imagination. Your newsletter should be somewhere you can really express your personality, so don’t be afraid to give new features a try and see how your email list responds to them. Do you already have a newsletter? Sharing is caring! Why not head on over to the Facebook group and share any other top tips you have with everyone else? You might just inspire someone!

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