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The Power Of One...


1 Thing Every Day

Doing one thing for your business a day might seem insignificant. But if you were to do one thing for your business every day for a week, that would already be 7 things. In a month, you’d have done 28-31 things, and by the time a year rolls around, you’d have done 365 things in a year. Sure, you might not quite hit that mark (as I sure hope you take a few holidays here and there!), but you’ll easily hit 300. Whether that’s the same thing every day, or different, connected actions with a common goal, just imagine the leaps forward in your business you could take by the end of just one year.

This is a really great way to think about making progress in your business because we often push things that we need to do or think about to one side in the craziness of day to day life, claiming we don’t have time. We can all, however, find 10-20 minutes at some point in our day to dedicate to helping our business grow, and ourselves along with it.

Deciding the night before what the one thing you are going to achieve the next day gives you some purpose when you get up in the morning. It’s also a great way of feeling a sense of achievement at the end of the day, as you’ll know that you have achieved something. No matter how small this one thing might be, the action of checking it off your to-do list will help you feel like you’re continually making progress.

This one thing you achieve will vary hugely depending on your current goals and the things you need to work on. It could be something directly business related, or it could be personal development that will indirectly affect your ability to run a business. It might all centre around one social media platform, or around improving your website. You might decide that each day you’re going to focus on something different, or you might have a theme for the week, the month or even the year! It’s completely up to you how you approach doing one thing every day, but here are a few ideas for actions that you could take this week to get you started:

Does your business need some TLC?

1. A Facebook post, and a plan for the posts for the following week

2. A Tweet, and a plan…

3. An Instagram post, and a plan…

4. A blog post

5. A snapchat/Instagram story

6. A Facebook Live session

7. Collect a Customer testimonial

8. Updating your ‘champagne moments’ file – read my post on this HERE !

9. Checking and tweaking the copy on your website

10. Looking at your numbers

Do you need some TLC (which will do no end of good for your business)?

11. 10 minutes of meditation

12. A yoga session

13. Morning pages

14. Journaling

15. Cooking a new recipe

16. Reading a chapter of a personal development book

17. Reading a chapter of ANY book

18. Listen to a podcast (business related or purely entertaining!)

19. Watching a documentary

20. Having time offline, with friends and family

All simple enough, right? But you’ll be surprised at the difference they can make.

Pick 7 things for the week ahead out of the options above, adapting them according to your current needs and priorities, and decide which day you’ll be doing what. Head over to the Facebook group and write a quick post telling us all that your 7 things are for this week so that we can hold you to them!

Katie xx


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