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Breaking Out Of Your Shell: Making Your Business Visible

Instructors as a whole are often seen as extroverted and confident, but that might not be true for all of us. Just because we love what we do and enjoy sharing it with and teaching it to others, that doesn’t necessarily mean that we are happy to go around blowing our own trumpets, but, unfortunately, if you don’t keep your trumpet blowing and drawing attention to yourself, you might disappear altogether.

Your business, like it or not, needs to be visible. As a Instructor you are your business, so that means that you need to be visible too, no matter how daunting that idea may seem.

I know what you’re thinking, this is easier said than done. Getting over the fear of being visible is something that you’ll do gradually, it won’t happen overnight, so there’s no need to beat yourself up about it.

Being more visible is incredibly beneficial for your business. These days, we’re all bombarded constantly with information and publicity from all sides....

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Fill Your Classes Using The Power Of Your Story

One huge aspect to marketing that we often don’t stop and think about is that people buy from people. Think about your own consumer behaviour. Aren’t you tempted by products or services that have a personal touch? When you know the sellers back story and genuinely like the person, doesn’t that make you keen to help them out? Although we all do often buy from big, faceless corporations, when it comes to small businesses it’s those with the personal touch that we usually part with our hard-earned cash to support.

None of us are perfect, so we’re not hard-wired to like perfection either. It usually makes us feel downright uncomfortable. Especially in the world of fitness instruction and teaching classes, it’s easy for people to feel intimidated.  So, when potential customers are looking around for an instructor, if you have the personal touch it could be what tips the scales in your favour.

Your website and social media platforms, your main...

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Because You’re Worth It.. Overcoming Price Objections

Because You’re Worth It

If I had a pound for every time a potential client had come to me with the ‘but I can go to x’s class for £y less’ line, I’d have enough to take myself off to the Caribbean for a week to recover from the stress that excuse induces.

When I first started out, I found it really hard to know what to say when potential clients objected to my prices, comparing them with someone elses’. Over the years, however, I’ve figured out a way to deal with situations like these when they arise, so I’m here to share with you the way you need to think about the value of your classes and the way to approach those who object to your pricing.

Although money makes the world go round and we all love a good bargain, people do not always go for the cheapest option available.

I always think of it in terms of supermarkets. All supermarkets are selling essentially the same food and many are on each other’s doorsteps, but they...

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Fill Your Classes: The Power of Testimonials

Glowing Feedback: Collecting Testimonials

When you’re running your own business, testimonials are absolute gold dust. Collecting and then making good use of testimonials should be something you dedicate plenty of time and energy to, as the benefits are huge.

First up, let’s look at why testimonials are so important.

  • Power of social proof

Whenever you’re thinking about going on holiday, do you check out the reviews on TripAdvisor or Airbnb? Personally, I never pick a place to stay that doesn’t have a solid amount of consistently good reviews. If I’m browsing through Amazon, the first thing I’ll do is check out the star ratings of products and scroll down to the customer reviews. We are social beings and we instinctively don’t trust the people trying to sell us something, but we love reading the personal reviews of our fellow human beings.

  • Customers see themselves in testimonials

Thinking about taking a new class can be daunting and we...

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4 Ways For Instructors To Set Boundaries Between The Professional And Personal

Anyone who has ever been self-employed knows how difficult it can be to switch off.

If you run your own instruction business, or teach classes, then you’ll know how easy it is to let your business take over your life. If you let your professional and personal lives merge, you can quickly find that both start to suffer.

To help you establish fixed boundaries between the professional and personal, we’ve come up with a few tips for ways to keep the two separate, helping them to thrive.

1. Establish set working hours

As an instructor, it’s highly unlikely that you’ll be working the same hours every day, and chances are you work early mornings, evenings, and weekends too. This makes it even easier for you to let the lines blur between your work life and personal life. Once this happens, it’s becomes impossible for you to switch off.

Of course, your work isn’t restricted to just teaching classes. If you run your own business, there’s always...

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You’re Fired: When and How to Let a Client Go

In this job, we’re often lucky enough to work with delightful people, but all of us come across nightmare customers now and again that are, frankly, far more effort than they’re worth.
Let’s take a look at a few examples of customers that are a bit of a pain-in-the-arse, if you’ll excuse my bluntness:


That client that constantly complains, and makes you question yourself and your methods and even your teaching ability.


That client that always seems to pay late, or conveniently forgets to pay at all. If you get a few of these on your books, your finances could quickly take a turn for the worse, and it’s hard to plan ahead or invest in your business if you don’t have a reliable income.


That client that claims your prices are too high and asks for a discount. This might make you question your value, and will definitely be extremely frustrating. No matter how many times you explain to them that they need to invest in themselves and their...

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5 Ways To Avoid The Instructor Roller-Coaster Ride

Get Off the Rollercoaster: Maintaining Consistent Attendance

Every freelancer, fitness instructor or not, is familiar with feast or famine syndrome. Sure, the times of year that the rollercoaster takes us up and then leaves us to plummet might come at different times of year for different businesses, but if you’re running your own business and hiring out your services, it’s not unusual to see peaks and troughs in your engagement and income during the course of the year.

In the fitness industry, the patterns are the same year in year out. Classes will be packed in January when everyone makes those resolutions, but it won’t be long until the enthusiasm starts to peter out. Before the summer holiday season you’ll probably see another surge of clients as people are keen to get in shape before they hit the beach. Things will tail off in August, and might improve again in the run up to Christmas when everyone wants to look good in their party wear and minimise the...

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Champagne moments: How to get out of a funk

I know, the phrase ‘champagne moments’ sounds like the name of a wedding planning company or something similar, but don’t worry, I haven’t dived wildly off topic.

Champagne moments are basically any moment that gives you that fuzzy, bubbly feeling of contentment that you get when someone praises you or you know you’ve done something well.

Whenever and however a client, or anyone else for that matter, says something nice about you and your business, that’s a champagne moment.

All of these moments should be squirrelled away for future reference for two very important reasons, but first, let’s look at what form they might take.

I keep a file on my desk where I keep all of the positive things that people have said about my business.

This ‘Champagne Moments’ file includes things such as:

1. Screenshots of comments on the business Facebook page/on posts on Facebook

2. Screenshots of any comments on any other social media sites...

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Look! Shiny! The Danger Of F.O.M.O

FOMO is a dangerous thing in all aspects of life, not just your business.

If you find yourself saying yes to everything in your social life just so you don’t miss anything, you’ve got a bad case of it.

But it’s in on your business where it can really take its toll.

In the fitness industry, we’re constantly seeing the next big thing, for example, the next big branded class, be launched and take centre stage for a while, and I reckon that many of you have fallen victim to the charms of one of these classes before.

Now, I’m not in any way saying that there is anything wrong with teaching these classes. They can be wonderful sources of income and genuinely enjoyable to teach.

What I am saying, is you need to make sure that you decide to start teaching/training in a particular subject because it really is something you want to do, as opposed to fear of what will happen if you DON’T do it. FOMO is dangerous!

There are lots of reasons you might be...

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The Power of Gratitude: Enrich your Professional and Personal Life

There’s a lot of talk around at the moment about gratitude. If you run your own business as a fitness instructor, or teach classes, you might be a bit sceptical about the relevance of gratitude to your business. In fact, you’d be amazed at the effect a little gratitude can have. To help you get started, we’ve put together a post about how and why it can revolutionise both your professional and personal life, with a few tips on ways to practice gratitude on a day to day basis.

If you’re feeling grateful, it’s difficult to feel depressed or sorry for yourself.

When you’re running your own business, you’re the one in the driving seat, and, in the fitness business, an upbeat, positive outlook is key. If your enthusiasm and passion is infectious you’ll keep your customers involved, and keep them coming back for more.

Studies have shown that those that try and practise gratitude in their daily lives sleep better and have more energy, two...

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