Let me guess. You’re feeling stuck, and a little scared. You’re brimming with plans and your dreams are as big as your heart, but you don’t have the first idea where to begin. You’re in limbo and wondering whether you’re ever going to move forward with your business.
Don’t worry. It’s totally normal to feel that way. Remember, you became an instructor because you love making a difference to people’s health and fitness, not because you adore the admin side of running a successful business. 
But you know you’re capable of building and deserve a business that supports your dream life, not one that’s constantly draining all your resources. 
You’ve got this
You’re already more than capable of making the progress you’ve been dreaming of. All you need is a firm nudge in the right direction, and a support network that will motivate you and make sure you thrive.
With all that in mind, I’ve created Flourish. A program that will both get you motivated and save you time, making 2020 the year you turn things around for good.
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Imagine how it would feel to...
  • Get clear on your marketing and messaging
  • Establish a strong business structure
  • Create and package products or services which will help you smash your goals
  • Run fuller, more profitable classes
  • Enjoy more free time, and financial freedom
  • Get into the right mindset to keep flourishing
  • Get systems and processes in place that will take the headache out of admin
  • Build a fantastic customer community who recommend you, meaning you can stop worrying about what your competition is doing or charging
  • Have realistic business goals that won’t mean you hit burn out
  • Be surrounded by a solid support network of other business owners just like you

With the Flourish Coaching Program, what seems impossible right now will become your new reality.
You’ll never have to go it alone again. We’ll work together to say goodbye to stress, overcome those obstacles and build your dream business.
What is Flourish 2020?
Flourish 2020 is the perfect combination of exactly what you need to take your business to the next level. It’s a monthly incubator and personalised group coaching experience. I’ll be working with you and a small group of other professionals just like you to provide the support, knowledge, strategies and resources that will help you fulfil your business dreams in 2020.
We’ll work together on YOUR business and vision, by:
  • Creating realistic business goals that align with your lifestyle and values
  • Getting clarity on your vision, messaging and marketing
  • Reviewing, creating and packaging your classes or products and services
  • Outlining the ideal structure for your business
  • Cultivating a success mindset, and saying goodbye to self-doubt and self-sabotage

You’ll get all this, every single month:
  1. Fortnightly live group coaching calls. During these interactive calls, you’ll get support tailored to you to help identify the steps you can take which will get you moving forward, and make sure you follow through with them. These calls are all about helping you grow personally and professionally. I’ll be there to support you, motivate you, and hold you accountable. Between calls, I’m just a message or email away if you’re having a wobble, need a nudge, or have any questions about the practical side of things. 
  2. Accountability and support in our private Facebook group. It won’t just be the two of us! Got a question? Need an opinion? You can also call on your fellow ‘flourishers’, who will, with their decades of experience, be there with high fives, virtual hugs and loving reality checks when you need them, to make sure you don’t stop moving. Don’t be shy, these business owners know exactly what you’re going through.
  3. Weekly accountability check-ins. These will set your goals and action steps every single week. On top of that, there will be mid-week check-ins to keep you on track, and celebration check-ins for the pat on the back you deserve.
  4. Time (and sanity) saving resources. I get it. Content creation is tricky. Creating social media plans and post, blog posts, group engagement challenges, recipes guides, meal plans, budgets, profit trackers or emails, amongst a multitude of other things, isn’t easy, and takes time. I’ll be providing you with ideas and done-for-you customisable resources to take the pressure off.
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Flourish 2020 – A small monthly investment that will pay dividends

I’d like to invite you to be a Founding Flourisher. This is your opportunity to get involved in the program for the founding member price of just £99/month, for as long as you stay with us. 
When we re-launch, Flourish will be £199/month, so you’ll be making a massive saving, whilst still enjoying exactly the same personalised experience.
There’s no contract or commitment, so you’re free to leave whenever you want, but I wouldn’t mind betting that you’ll be so blown away by the incredible value of the program that you’ll never want to leave the Flourish family.
Flourish 2020 isn’t for everyone. It’s only right for those who are committed to levelling up their business, knowing a little extra support and personalised encouragement is what they need to make those breakthroughs.
In 12 months’ time, if nothing had changed in your business, would you be happy?
If the answer to that is no, then now’s the time to act. Make THIS year the year that YOU make a change, and finish 2020 with a business and a life that truly make you happy.

Yes, you can. It takes bravery to step out of your comfort zone and do things differently, but with Flourish, you’ll never be on your own. I know you can do this!

It’s all a matter of prioritising. If you really want this, then you’ll swap that hour of Netflix or that lost time scrolling on Instagram for time spent putting the work in, and you’ll see results. You’ll be learning how to make changes to your business so that, ultimately, you have more free time, and are more successful. 

Financially speaking, remember that to make your money back all you’d need would be two new members doing two classes a week, at £6 a class. And, with Flourish behind you, you can do much better than that.

"I’ve already recommended it to so many of my instructor friends."

"Give it a go as there is lots of useful resources and information."

"Definitely do it."

"I think this training is amazing. Thank you x."

If you think Flourish could be for you, just register your interest below and we’ll figure out if you’re the right fit for this coaching program. Make sure you get in quickly as there aren’t many spots available, and they’ll be snapped up quickly.


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