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January 2020 Content Pack

Let your January Flourish pack handle that side of things for you, keeping your followers engaged and attracting new ones so that you get the best attendance possible.

It’s bursting with seasonal and evergreen content that you and your customers will love:

  • 30 engagement, factual and inspirational social media posts.
  • 10 bonus January/New Year themed posts.
  • Blog post: Because you love your body. Why your motivation to live a healthy lifestyle should come from a love for your body, not hate for it.
  • Blog post: A quitter’s guide to not quitting. How to keep on track with your fitness when you’ve got a history of giving up.
  • Special resource: Your 20:20 2020 vision: architecting your dream year. A 17- page workbook to help your clients plan out how to make 2020 their dream year, step by step.

With January’s Flourish pack covering all your content marketing bases, you can start making big plans for your business this year.

Take social media off your plate and focus all your energies on smashing your 2020 business goals. 


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