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February 2020 Content Pack

It’s stuffed full of seasonal and evergreen content that you’ll love, and that will keep your customers coming back, as well as luring new ones in:

  • 30 engagement, factual and inspirational social media posts.
  • 10 bonus February themed posts.
  • Written article/blog post: Feel-good fitness: 7 health benefits of fitness to keep you motivated. Health benefits of regular exercise to help you commit to your active lifestyle.
  • Written article/blog post: Tactics for time ninjas. You’re never too busy. Tricks to find the time to lead a healthier lifestyle.
  • Special resource: 14-day self-love challenge. A mini challenge a day for 14 days to help boost your levels of self-love, PLUS an ebook version of this challenge.

With the February Flourish pack keeping your followers engaged, you can focus all your energies on keeping your customers happy in your classes, so they keep coming back to you, week after week and month after month.


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